Berber Rugs – Benefits and Symbolism


Berber-carpet has numerous advantages. The carpet’s texture allows for easy vacuuming and cushioning beneath the feet. This kind of rug is loved for its durability as well as symbolic significance. The Berber carpet will give your area a sophisticated look, regardless of whether you choose a solid or patterned design. You can read more about these features when you shop for a rug.

Low Stack

Although they tend to cost more than Low pile Berber Rugs, traditional pile carpets are still considered a bargain by many. They are also extremely durable and cost-effective to maintain. They are made with a variety of materials.

The Berber range borrows its inspirations from Moroccan rugs but reinterprets them with color. Vegetable dyes were used as dyes for the Berber collection’s natural fibers. They are durable. The Berber carpet’s low pile can be purchased in various colors and sizes. You may also find a Berber rug that has a lower pile for those who prefer a more traditional Berber design.

Symbols to Represent Femininity

Berber carpets have patterns that can represent femininity. The protection from bad luck symbol is the diamond design, which can often look like an eye. Two triangles stand for flowers while stars signify feminine beauty.

Berber floor mats have a rich and complex design language. These carpets were built according to the principles of both men’s as well as women’s duality. Each emblem depicts a Berber woman’s life, from her childhood to her periods. These carpets also symbolize the existence of Berber women.

The Berber rug’s colors may tell a story. It could also be a sign that a person is fertile or has supernatural powers. It may also instill feelings of security, protection, and comfort. It could also be used to refer to a significant event in the life of the weaver. Symbols of femininity, as well as property value, can have significant effects on someone’s life.


Berber carpets last a long time, so it is important to consider the material. Modern Berber rugs are made from a variety of materials. Morocco uses traditional weaving techniques for contemporary rugs. To guarantee their quality, they are made with wool. Styles that include both of these materials may be produced occasionally.

Berber carpets have a loop construction that is very susceptible to being snagged. Even though it may seem insignificant, a snag could lead to carpet unraveling. It may be difficult to pull one loop out of a Berber carpet. Because they are less susceptible to snagging, larger loops will be more likely to mat than smaller ones. This is not the case with smaller loops. Berber carpets are not recommended in high-traffic areas.

Berber carpets also have a distinct advantage over cut pile carpets in that they are less soft than a cut pile. Some Berbers have a delicate texture, while others are hardier. Manufacturers are working hard to remedy this problem. Berber carpets have an amazing backstory that is both beautiful and visually stunning.


Berber carpets are a fascinating way of learning about Moroccan culture. These carpets depict significant life events and signify fecundity. They are social companions who share the story of important life events with the person they protect.

Carpets with symbols and designs relating to fertility or womanhood are generally woven mostly by women. A carpet that has only female symbols indicates that the woman in question is either puberty-aged or older.